This genre is originated with the purpose to harmonize the body vibrations, increase the brain functions

and expand the awareness.

The Psy-Dream music is focused on the musical scales (pythagorean, harmonic, Just Intonation) and in the key 

frequencies, often tuned with A=432Hz/C=256Hz, in according with the natural vibrations of body. 

Moreover, all the effects and instruments settings are based on the numbers and geometry of nature, fibonacci sequence, and some specific numbers like 8 and its multiples.

The composition method, the deep melodies and the psychedelics trance rhythms tend to alter the listener's mind, change the brainwaves and so the state of consciousness.

Psy-Dream is inspired from trance music, psy-trance, downtempo/psy-chill, the tempo lies in the 72–144 BPM range and it may also contain binaural or monaural beats and isochronic tones (brainwave entrainment).

This music, stimulates your brain to lower its waves till 8-4 Hz (Theta waves), the same as when you meditate or dreams, hence the name.